Villanova Reopens Finneran Pavilion
Arena Digest | October 8, 2018

After undergoing an extensive renovation, Finneran Pavilion was reopened by Villanova University on Friday. 

Extensive work had been taking place at the venue previously know as The Pavilion, as it was undergoing a major renovation that began after the 2016-17 basketball season. The $65 million project was elaborate in scope, as it included a relocated and renovated main entrance, along with new seating, a 360-degree concourse, new clubs and premium areas, and technology improvements such as upgraded Wi-Fi and new audio and video systems.

The defending national champs show off their updated, yet still quaint, home gym
The Athletic | October 8, 2018

VILLANOVA, Pa. — After the celebratory rally to welcome the 2016 national champions back home, the Villanova basketball players and staff wandered into their home gym, the Pavilion, for a quick round of interviews. Upon walking into the oddly shaped and not terribly inspiring building, one staffer shook his head in wonder. “Definitely screams home of the national champions, doesn’t it?”

Villanova's $65 Million Renovated Finneran Pavilion Incorporates Hoops with History
Forbes | October 6, 2018

Maybe renovations on the $65 million William B. Finneran Pavilion would have gone down as smoothly and timely even if Jay Wright’s Villanova Wildcats hadn’t won two of the last three NCAA titles.  Maybe the privately funded enterprise more than three years in the planning would’ve still happened without a hitch anyway.

Villanova’s Finneran Pavilion reopens after a $65 million renovation
The Inquirer - | October 5, 2018

Eric Paschall recalled the time he was on a recruiting visit to Villanova and didn't get a chance to see the Pavilion, a building then showing its age after nearly 30 years of use.

"My dad wanted to see it," Paschall said Friday. "He was like, 'What's that building over there?' I said, 'That's where we play.' My dad wanted to go but we never did."

Get a Look at Villanova's $60M Plans for Basketball Program's Pavilion
NBC Philadelphia | March 9, 2017

Next year, Villanova fans, can expect a $60 million renovation to reconstruct the Pavilion, home of the national champion Wildcats Men's Basketball Team. The renovations will commemorate Villanova's famed basketball history, fortify the schools capability to train the country's most elite athletes, and provide a one-of-a-kind game-day experience, the athletics department said.

Villanova gives sneak peek of Pavilion renovations
Philly Voice | March 9, 2017

The home of the reigning national champs is getting a serious makeover, and Wildcat fans can now get a glimpse of what their in-game experience will look like in the future.

Villanova seeks home court while Pavilion is being renovated
Philadelphia Inquirer | February 17, 2017

With the formal approval by the Villanova board of trustees of a $60 million renovation of the Pavilion, the university's basketball team suddenly ...

Villanova approves $60 million renovation for basketball arena
Philly Voice | February 15, 2017

It's good to be the reigning champions. Villanova University's basketball arena will undergo a multimillion-dollar makeover, the school announced Tuesday. In response to "increased visibility nationally," the school's Board of Trustees formally approved the $60 million renovation of the Pavilion, which has hosted home games for the men's and women's teams for 31 years on campus. The refurbishment is set to begin in June, and the arena will be renamed the Finneran Pavilion.

Villanova Board of Trustees approves $60 million overhaul for Pavilion
Delaware County Daily Times | February 15, 2017

The Pavilion is getting a major overhaul. The Villanova University Board of Trustees approved an extensive renovation of the building the men’s and women’s basketball teams have called home for the last 31 years. The $60 million project, which will be funded entirely by donor support, is scheduled to begin in June and is expected to take more than a year. When it reopens it will be officially re-named the Finneran Pavilion in honor of 1963 graduate William B. Finneran, who made a $22.6 million gift to the university last spring.

Villanova's Pavilion To Be Renovated
KYW-TV | February 15, 2017

The Home of the Villanova Wildcats will get a multi-million dollar makeover. Villanova University’s Board of Trustees approved a $60 million renovation to the University’s Athletic Center, known as the Pavilion. The 31-year-old building will be overhauled, updated with state-of-the-art equipment, and will be funded entirely by donors. Construction is set to begin in June, and will take about a year to complete.

Renovated Villanova facility will be named Finneran Pavilion
ESPN Online | February 15, 2017

Villanova will begin a comprehensive $60 million renovation of the Pavilion, with the work beginning in June. Upon completion the 31-year-old on-campus facility will officially be named the Finneran Pavilion.

Press Statement
Villanova | February 14, 2017

Board of Trustees Approves Pavilion Renovation

NBC10 News at 5pm
WCAU-TV | February 14, 2017

Well, it is the home of the national champion Villanova Wildcats basketball team. I love when we talk about this. My alma mater’s Pavilion is in line for a big makeover. The University’s approved a $60 million renovation for the facility and has released this rendering here of what the building should look like when it’s complete. The Pavilion is 31-years-old.

Villanova trustees approve $60 million makeover for the Pavilion basketball arena | February 14, 2017

The Villanova University Board of Trustees announced plans Tuesday for a $60 million makeover for the Pavilion, the arena for the school's basketball teams. The renovation of the 31-year-old building will be funded entirely by donors and begin in June 2017. When it reopens, the facility will be known as the Finneran Pavilion.

Action News 6pm
WPVI-TV | February 14, 2017

Villanova’s Pavilion, the basketball pavilion, is slated for a multi-million dollar renovation. We told you that before, but today the Board of Trustees formally approved the $60 million renovation. The final design has yet to be completely finalized, but work is scheduled to begin in June. The Trustees said the renovations will be funded entirely by donor support. Once reopened, the arena will be officially named the William Finneran Pavilion.