What are the prominent changes that we can expect to see at the Finneran Pavilion?

Significant emphasis has been placed on improving and creating new amenities for all visitors and fans, as well as creating premium seating options. The Finneran Pavilion will feature numerous upgrades to provide a more enjoyable experience for all fans. These enhancements include: 

  1. A relocated and completely revamped main entrance that will serve as a gathering place for fans and the entire Villanova community throughout the year. 
  2. A continuous 360-degree concourse hosting a variety of concessions, merchandise stands and other fan amenities.
  3. New seating throughout the arena—allowing for improved seat comfort—and all sideline seats will now have backs, doubling the number of seats with backs.
  4. Enhanced audio-visual (LED video board, lighting, acoustics, etc.) capabilities.
  5. A new Hall of Fame exhibit that will honor and celebrate the storied legacy of Villanova Athletics.
  6. The Court One Club—one of the new hospitality areas in the Finneran Pavilion—featuring the actual court from the 2016 National Championship game at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.
  7. Premium courtside seating options with access to select clubs and amenities. 
  8. Upgraded Wi-Fi technology throughout the building.
What will be the capacity of the Finneran Pavilion?

The capacity of the Finneran Pavilion will not increase. The decision to maintain the existing capacity is based on a number of factors, including:

  • The Pavilion is in need of a complete overhaul now. After 31 years, the Pavilion’s infrastructure has experienced significant wear and tear, and in order to provide an improved game-day experience for all fans this renovation cannot wait.
  • Making any adjustments outside the current footprint would require relief from zoning ordinances including building height and setback restrictions. The process to pursue zoning relief would have delayed the project for several years, which is not feasible given the Pavilion’s current state.
  • As with all projects on campus, cost is a significant consideration. Increasing seating capacity was considered, but a full teardown and rebuild to add seating would cost well over $125 million. With all of the other University projects currently being undertaken, borrowing for this project is not feasible. Therefore, the project needs to be funded entirely by donor support. While we have made significant progress toward our $60 million goal, we are still actively fundraising for the project. 
  • Increasing capacity would also necessitate creating additional parking but with campus space at a premium, adding parking is simply not an option.
Was playing all of Villanova men’s basketball home games at the Wells Fargo Center considered?

The Pavilion survey administered last spring revealed that having an on-campus arena was critically important to our loyal fan base. This is one of the reasons that we decided to renovate the Pavilion and continue to utilize the Wells Fargo Center (WFC) in Philadelphia for a select number of home games. With more than 19,000 seats, the WFC provides additional opportunities for our dedicated fans to support the men’s basketball team. Also, after a thorough review of all current seating—the season ticket wait list and based on historical demand—we anticipate that we will be able to provide opportunities for loyal fans who are not currently season ticket holders to purchase seats in the Finneran Pavilion.

How will the Finneran Pavilion tie in with the Wells Fargo Center?

The Wells Fargo Center provides a direct connection to the city of Philadelphia—one of the greatest basketball cities in the country. Villanova Men's Basketball began hosting a portion of its schedule at a venue in the city of Philadelphia in 1950 and is an important part of our Villanova Basketball heritage. In recent years, the Wells Fargo Center (WFC) has been a signature part of our men’s basketball program and a key element in recruiting the nation’s best talent. When complete, the Finneran Pavilion, along with the Wells Fargo Center, will create an unmatched fan experience that sets Villanova apart from its peers. Villanova Athletics is committed to creating as much symmetry between the WFC and the Finneran Pavilion as possible, so moving forward, seats and tickets for both locations will be correlated. The survey also showed that there is significant demand for maximizing the experience at WFC for fans who are only able to come to a handful of games each year. Therefore, we want to provide a complete weekend entertainment experience for our fans that includes restaurant and hotel options, various ticket and club amenity options, parking and much more. These details are still being finalized and will be communicated when more information is available.

Where will students sit?

Students will be seated along both baselines at the Finneran Pavilion, placing them closer to the court. We believe this will enhance the student fan experience and provide an even greater home court advantage for our men’s and women’s basketball teams.

I am currently a season ticket holder. Will I be able to keep my current seat?

Due to the renovation process, the layout of seats throughout the area will change and thus no specific seats can be guaranteed. As part of the Finneran Pavilion seating process, a representative of Villanova Athletics will engage with each season ticket holder, in the appropriate sequence based on their Nova Points total, to discuss their preferences and available seating options.

updated on October 17, 2017
Will season tickets increase in price?

Yes. With the increase in price, Villanova Athletics is able to provide a significantly improved fan experience with enhanced amenities, improved operations and premium options that were not possible in the current Pavilion. It will also help support of Villanova Athletics’ 24-varsity programs and 600-plus student-athletes. The final costs, which will include an annual donation for certain sections of the arena, are still being finalized and will be released as soon as they are available.

I am currently a season ticket holder. When and how can I purchase tickets?

After Major Gift Donors ($100K+) to Finneran Pavilion, and Matthew Carr Society Members (lifetime $1M plus to the University), season ticket holders will receive priority access to secure seat locations and be able to speak with a member of Villanova Athletics staff about their ticket options moving forward. Selections within each group will be prioritized by Nova Point totals. 

updated on October 17, 2017
Why is the new seat selection process necessary?

The current seating plan for the Pavilion has been in place since it opened in 1986. Our research has shown that this current seating plan is simply not a viable option long-term. Villanova is in the process of adopting and implementing a support-based seating program to thoughtfully reseat the arena. The new program will reward those who have supported Villanova Athletics and other University initiatives. We believe this is the most fair and equitable way to reseat the Finneran Pavilion. Reseating with a priority for supporters is now commonplace on college campuses across the country and is necessary for Villanova to remain competitive with our peers.

I’m a Villanova Athletic Fund (VAF) donor and season ticket holder. Will I have priority to purchase new premium seating?

Yes. VAF donors and current season ticket holders will have priority to purchase new premium seating. The process will be determined by the support-based points program, which will be in place to recognize those fans who have provided the most ardent support to Villanova Athletics and University initiatives.

I am not a Villanova Athletic Fund (VAF) donor or season ticket holder, but I am interested in purchasing premium seating.

Wait list members and Finneran Pavilion Insiders will have the opportunity to purchase any remaining premium seating after project supporters, current season ticket holders and VAF donors have been seated.

Will there be a Preview Center that will allow fans to review new seating options?

Yes, project supporters, season ticket holders, VAF donors, Finneran Pavilion Insiders and fans will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a member of Villanova Athletics at the Preview Center to review new seating options. Details on the location and timing of the opening of the Preview Center will be shared in the coming months.

Will there be any changes to faculty and staff season tickets?

Villanova faculty and staff are able to earn Nova Points in the same manner as all Villanova fans. Villanova faculty and staff members who are 2017-18 Men’s Basketball season ticket holders will participate in the Finneran Pavilion seating process in the appropriate sequence based on their Nova Point totals. Current Villanova faculty and staff also have additional seating options to consider. These options will be communicated to them directly by Villanova Athletics staff.

updated on October 17, 2017
Will there be a faculty/staff donation requirement tied to season tickets?

Yes, all season tickets in Finneran Pavilion will require a donation in order to retain and purchase tickets. If a current faculty or staff member wants to select a specific seat location, he or she will need to pay the associated capital gift and/or annual seat donation. There will be additional options presented to current faculty and staff members to consider for both season tickets in a designated faculty/staff section and single-game tickets. These options will be communicated to them directly by Villanova Athletics staff.

updated on October 17, 2017
What club options will be available as a result of the renovation?

Enhancing the fan experience has been a priority throughout our decision-making process for the Finneran Pavilion. We considered what our fans want pre-game, post-game and everything in between, and the survey revealed that there is significant demand for a range of options. With the limited space we have to provide these options, we will offer a variety of clubs—some more exclusive, others available to a wider audience. Detailed information on the types of amenities for each club will be provided in the near future.

Who will have access to the more premium clubs?

Access to the premium clubs and preferred parking will be connected to specific seat locations and memberships.

Will parking only be tied to premium seating locations?

Designated parking locations will be reserved for certain seating areas and sections. On-campus parking and off-campus alternatives will continue to be available for season ticket holders and game attendees.

Will new premium seating options be available for disabled fans?

Yes, accessible seating options will be available on all seating levels.

Will this renovation impact other construction on campus?

University Facilities Management staff and project construction teams in are in constant contact regarding all ongoing projects taking place across campus. Best efforts will be made to minimize conflicts and disruptions. With the scope of this project being targeted to interior work, we anticipate a minimal amount of disruption to the campus and the surrounding community.

Where will other University events that are customarily in the Pavilion be held during construction?

The University is actively working on a comprehensive plan for these events and will communicate those details as they are finalized.

How do you envision the Finneran Pavilion being utilized beyond basketball events?

Once completed, the Finneran Pavilion will continue to host annual University-wide events, including the St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service, Special Olympics and Commencement. With the planned enhancements, the Finneran Pavilion will also be a year-round attraction for fans and visitors to enjoy. Some of these enhancements include the Villanova Athletics Hall of Fame exhibit, the 2016 National Championship court from NRG Stadium, and shops to purchase Villanova Athletics gear. We also anticipate being able to host external events such as corporate gatherings, outside community events, concerts and more.

Who is the Finneran Pavilion named for?

The Finneran Pavilion is named in honor of alumnus, William B. Finneran, who made a $22.6 million leadership gift last spring to support renovations to the Pavilion. Finneran, a 1963 Villanova graduate with an Economics degree, is a longtime supporter of the University, serving for a decade as a member of the Board of Trustees and as a co-chair for the University’s previous capital campaign. He is a Founding Partner of EXOP Capital LLC, a long/short hedge fund firm based in New York City, and is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edison Control Corporation. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Villanova, and is currently a member of the prestigious Carr and Heritage societies, which recognize the lasting impact of dedicated alumni, parents and friends on the University. A passionate and loyal supporter of Villanova Athletics, he also endowed the men’s basketball head coaching position.

Why renovate the Pavilion?

Given Villanova’s increased visibility nationally — and the world-class stature of Villanova Athletics — now is the time to transform the Pavilion into an arena that better reflects the caliber of our athletic programs. Simply after 31 years, the Pavilion needs an immediate update as time has caused considerable wear and tear. Consideration was given to building a completely new facility but time, resources and space eliminated that possibility from consideration.

How much will the project cost and how will it be funded?

The comprehensive renovation plan for the Pavilion will cost $60 million. The renovation, which will be funded entirely by donor support — will completely transform the existing Pavilion — creating a high-quality, game-day experience for Villanova student-athletes, coaches and fans.

When will construction start and when will it end?

The renovation of the Pavilion is scheduled to begin in June 2017 and be completed in time for the start of the 2018-19 men’s and women’s basketball seasons.

Where will Villanova play its 2017-2018 home games?

While the full schedule, including locations, has not been set, the majority of our men’s home games will be played in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center and the women’s home games will be held on campus in the Jake Nevin Field House. Additional information will be available in the coming months as details are finalized.

Will seating for Finneran Pavilion change from the current seating?

Seating locations and pricing of tickets for Finneran Pavilion are yet to be determined. After designs are drafted and approved, a deliberate process — with thoughtful consideration given to students, current season ticket holders, donors and alumni — will begin this spring and the results will be shared when finalized.

What is the best way to stay updated on all news and information regarding the project?

To receive updates on the Finneran Pavilion renovation project including renderings, season ticketing options, and plans for the 2017-2018 season, please register to become a Finneran Pavilion Insider. Project supporters, Villanova Athletic Fund (VAF) members, and current season ticket holders need not register, as they will be the first to receive project updates.

Nova Points FAQs

Why did Villanova implement a support-based points program?

The Nova Points program — an objective mechanism that allows Villanova University to track donor giving — plays a critical role in the long-term success of Villanova Athletics. By encouraging support to Villanova Athletics and the University, Nova Points will create new opportunities for our student-athletes and teams. From scholarships to programmatic support, your donations will help propel Villanova to new levels of recognition and competition. The Nova Points program is based on best practices from across Division I athletic departments, yet customized for Villanova. Nova Points provide a transparent and equitable way to allocate tickets and access to select Villanova Athletics events.

Where can I find my Nova Points total?

Your initial Nova Points statement is available online. To check your total, please visit the Support Nova page on villanova.com and enter your login and password to access your account. If you do not have a Villanova ticket account, you can create one by visiting the Support Nova page on villanova.com. Villanova Athletics will update points weekly.

Can I transfer my Nova Points?

Nova Points may not be transferred from one person to another or from one account to another. Additionally, the transfer of points by virtue of a will, trust or other estate-planning document is prohibited. In the event of the death of an account holder, the surviving spouse/partner retains the Nova Points, provided the spouse/partner was on the account prior to the time of death. Please contact the Villanova Athletics Ticket Office to add/remove a name from an account or to split a group account. Any changes to your account must be made in writing and formally acknowledged by Villanova Athletics.

How will points be calculated in the absence of historical records by the university?

Nova Points will be calculated based on the documented records that Villanova University

Advancement and Villanova Athletics have available to date. The timeframes for each one-time allocation coincides with the available season ticket holder records for each program.

Do my Nova Points expire?

Nova Points do not expire. You can continue to add to your Nova Points total, via donations to the University and the Villanova Athletic Fund, planned giving, ticket purchase, annual seat premiums, etc. 

I shared a season ticket account with another season ticket holder and paid him/her the annual seat premiums and cost of the ticket each year. Will I receive Nova Points?

The account holder who purchased the season tickets from the Villanova Athletic Ticket Office receives all of the Nova Points for the years of tickets purchased and all of the Nova Points for all the respective VAF per-seat gifts. All donors and season ticket holders are encouraged to establish their own accounts.

What about combined/pooled accounts?

Should you choose to keep a combined/pool account for tickets with other fans, please be aware that only one individual from the group is recognized as the account holder, and only that individual receives the Nova Points.

Do Nova Points impact students?

No. Students will not be impacted by Nova Points. As in previous years, there will be a designated student section and lottery for Villanova students who wish to attend home games. Students will be seated along both baselines at the Finneran Pavilion, placing them closer to the court. We believe this will enhance the student fan experience and provide an even greater home court advantage for our Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams.

How do multi-year pledges work with regard to Nova Points?

Fans who make a multi-year pledge will receive Nova Points immediately. However, the corresponding Villanova Athletics Annual Fund benefits will only be applied for the amount that has been received during each fiscal year.

Do previous and future men's basketball seat donations count toward my Nova Points total?


I'm interested in donating and earning Nova Points. What is the best way to do this?

Villanova Athletics appreciates your support! Please contact the Villanova Athletic Fund at 610-519-3863 or visit supportvillanovaathletics.com to make a gift.

What about prior policies and agreements?

The Nova Points program supersedes all previously communicated ticket allocation policies including, but not limited to, any grandfather clauses, verbal agreements and previous Villanova ticket policies.

How can I improve my seat location?

The best way to improve your seat location at ticketed Villanova Athletics events, and at the Finneran Pavilion, is to improve your ranking in the Nova Points program through donations and season ticket purchases.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase in the Finneran Pavilion?

Yes, there is a limit of six (6) season tickets per account.

Will there be a seat-selection website for the Finneran Pavilion?

No, Villanova Athletics plans to walk each season ticket holder through the seating process and discuss his/her personal preferences, all available locations and pricing points.

Will season tickets increase in price?

Yes. With the increase in price, Villanova Athletics is able to provide a significantly improved fan experience with enhanced amenities, improved operations and premium options that were not possible in the original Pavilion. It will also help support Villanova Athletics’ 24-varsity programs and 600-plus student-athletes.

What are the prices going to be for the 2018-19 season?

While ticket prices will increase, pricing for seats throughout the Finneran Pavilion has not yet been finalized. During the Finneran Pavilion seating process, each season ticket holder will have the opportunity to review pricing and availability with a representative of Villanova Athletics.

Will Villanova still play games at the Wells Fargo Center (WFC) next year once the Finneran Pavilion opens?

Yes. We will continue to utilize the WFC in Philadelphia for a select number of home games. With more than 19,000 seats, the WFC provides additional opportunities for our dedicated fans to support the Men’s Basketball team and is a key element in recruiting the nation’s best talent.

Will all the seats in the Finneran Pavilion have seat backs?

Seating throughout the arena will allow for improved seat comfort. All sideline seats will now have seat backs, more than doubling the number of seats with backs in the arena. Seats in the upper north and south areas of the arena will have bench seating.

Will there be ADA seating at the Finneran Pavilion?

Yes, the appropriate number of ADA-accessible seats and companion seating required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (2010 Standards) will be provided in the Finneran Pavilion. The arena will feature vastly improved ADA amenities, including wheelchair accessible seating, two new elevators and code compliant restrooms and concessions. 

Will there be tours offered of the Finneran Pavilion?

Yes. As construction allows, we will host guided tours of the Finneran Pavilion as part of the seating process.

Will any of the seating-related costs I pay be tax deductible?

No. Under the new tax law, effective January 1, 2018, any contribution that entitles an individual to purchase tickets is not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Giving Guidelines

Ineligible Contributions
Contributions from donor advised funds, private foundations, matching gift programs and qualified IRA Charitable Rollovers are ineligible forms of payments when paying for a capital seat license, annual seat premiums and season tickets.